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Getting to Know Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery

Who doesn't love green pastures, sweet farm animals, and delicious cheeses? We do! And today we're getting to know Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, located in Germanton, NC. Our local stop for all things cheese! Family-owned and run, get to know Robin and Johnny Blakley's farm where the animals are pets, the goats are milked every morning, and the cheese is made by hand, with love and care.

Tell us a little about you and how Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery came to be.   

We purchased our 34-acre farm back in 1992 while we were working public jobs. Johnny was a Police Officer for the City of Winston-Salem and Robin worked in Fleet Operations at R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.  The area that the farm is located in is one of the last predominately agricultural areas in Forsyth County.  We became a licensed goat dairy in 2012 producing both raw milk aged and fresh goat cheese.  Before 1992 our farm was a cow dairy and a fish farm.  Today, we have dairy goats, Katahdin Cross sheep, Hereford/Angus Cross beef cows and miniature Zebu cattle.  

What type of dairy are you?   

We are a farmstead dairy.  Farmstead means that our cheeses are made on the farm and no outside milk is purchased - - - everything is done here and the goats live here too!

There are so many different types of cheeses out there! Tell us about some of yours and the best ways to eat them.    

We make both raw milk aged cheeses and fresh cheese.  Our two favorites this year are our feta of which one type is marinated in olive oil, with peppercorns, garlic and red pepper and our pimento chevre.  The feta can be eaten as is, on a green salad, or the oil can be brushed on bread or pizza crusts with the feta crumbled on top.  After the cheese has been eaten, any oil remaining can be mixed with red wine vinegar to make a delicious salad dressing.  The pimento chevre is creamy and is great spread on crackers or bread.  It also makes for a great spread to be added to those fresh tomato sandwiches.     

Now don’t give away your prized cheese-making secrets! But can you walk us through how you make your cheeses?

The goats are milked every morning and the milk is stored in our chiller until needed.  Being a micro dairy, we make cheese every six days or so.  Some of our cheeses are made using raw milk and aged in our cheese cave at least sixty days before the wheels can be cut and the cheese sold.  Other milk is pasteurized and turned into chevres, feta, farmers or queso fresco.  These cheeses can be sold the same week.  Our cheese is sold daily in our Farm Store and we attend four farmers markets weekly.  Our goat cheese is also available at several local food stores, co-ops and CSA’s.  You’ll even find some of our cheese on the menu at several local restaurants.      

We love cheese! And we love local products! Why is it important to eat and shop local when it comes to cheese?

We believe it is important to eat and shop local.  In our case, what better way can you meet the person who milks the goats, makes the cheese and samples the cheese to you at farmers markets.  You can shake the hand who feeds you and build a relationship.  We also enjoy that people can come to our farm and see the goats and know how they are cared for.   Our animals are very important members of our farm.  Without them, we couldn’t make the cheese that we enjoy.      

We’re in the midst of the hot months of summer. Do you have any favorite summer cheese dishes for get-togethers and cookouts?   

One of our favorite recipes, especially for July 4th, is a blueberry goat cheese tart.  These tarts use a rolled puff pastry which is filled with plain goat cheese, honey, vanilla and lemon juice and covered with blueberries and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Sliced strawberries can be added too for a beautiful red, white and blue themed dessert dish.   

To learn more about Robin & Johnny and Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery, visit their Facebook page or their website.

Credit for the images | Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery

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