Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting to Know Yadkin Valley Soap

I feel so honored every time I learn more about the local businesses we feature on the blog. You know those friends that are great friends? You know they're great people and enjoy spending time with them, but when you find out their story and learn even more about them ... you just grow to appreciate and respect them so much more. That's how it is with these businesses. I love what they do. I love the people that are running them. But every time we do these interviews I learn so much more about them. And I appreciate and admire what they do all the more.

The business I want to introduce to you today is yet another business I have fallen even more in love with after learning more about it. So today friends, I would like to introduce you to Allison Hutchins, soap-maker extraordinaire and owner of Yadkin Valley Soaps.

Tell us a little about you and how Yadkin Valley Soaps came to be.

I started making soaps a few years ago when my husband went vegan. It never occurred to me until that time just how much animal by-products are hiding in our everyday lives. Within a few months we had more soap than we knew what to do with. In 2012 I opened up my Etsy shop and Yadkin Valley Soaps was born.

Other than soap, what types of skincare products do you make?

We make a range of products from soaps to body butters, scrubs, and lip balms. I am constantly making and testing new formulations to add products to our line.

What makes your products unique?

All of our products are all-natural. We use natural essential oils and botanicals to scent and color our soaps and other products. We are a 100% vegan company and certified by PETA as cruelty free and vegan in their Beauty Without Bunnies campaign.

Summertime is known for drying out our skin! What are the best methods for combatting this dryness?

To keep our products as friendly as possible for everyone we have chosen to use cocoa and mango butters in all our formulations. Although Shea butter is the most known for moisturizing, both cocoa and mango butter offer superior moisturizing and are more hypoallergenic than Shea. We make a whipped mango butter that is great for dry skin. Containing only mango butter and coconut oil it is a great all over moisturizer for even the driest of skin types!

Do you have any favorite homemade skincare tips or tricks?

I always use my own soap and products. My skin has never been happier since cutting out all the chemical laden soaps and products from my daily life. However as far as a favorite, I am constantly trying new things so I don't really stick to a routine other than using my soap. If I had to choose one though I always use my Dead Sea Salt Soap to wash my face with.

Tell us about your top 3 sellers!

Our soaps are always popular but the most popular scent would be our Thai Lemongrass. Our Butter Balm Lip Balm would be next, and one of our newer products Buzz Off Lotion Bar seems to sell out at every market I do.

Where can people go to buy your product?

Local customers can purchase select products at Grandview Country Store in Pfafftown, NC, Clemmons Country Store in Clemmons, NC, and The Local Store in Reynolda Village, Winston Salem, NC. We can also be found at the Reynolda Village Farmers Market on Friday mornings and The City Market in Greensboro every third Thursday of the month. Products can also be purchased through our Etsy Store which can also be accessed through our website

Just for fun, what’s your all-time favorite skincare scent?

I'm totally in love with my Tahitian Beauty soap and body butter. It's very sweet and floral due to the ylang ylang and I have to take it easy when I use it or I end up with a headache!

Find out more at Allison's Etsy Store | Facebook | and website!!

Photo credit: Yadkin Valley Soaps

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