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#nbnhealthyliving: 10 Easy Ways to Move More During the Day

 I'm back with another Nothin' but Nola Healthy Living Tip this week! Ladies, this is a biggie. It may be one of the most important tips we ever discuss. Your body was created with movement in mind. You were meant to move around, daily. Today's world has made it very easy to move very little, though. We sit at a desk all day. We sit in our cars when going from point A to point B. We don't even have to leave our couch to get groceries or make dinner, thanks to the internet and online ordering systems.

Now, I'm not saying that any of these modern-day conveniences are bad things. They're not bad at all! In fact, they're brilliant. They have been created to give us more time to do more important things. But they create an environment where we aren't required to move as much.

That's where you come into the picture. You. Yes, you!! It's up to you (and only you) to make sure you're actually taking the time to move your body daily! It's what your body was made to do. The effects of not moving enough and living a sedentary lifestyle are extremely dangerous. They can be deadly. The benefits of moving your body, however, can create such a wonderful, healthy, and happy life!

The NCHPAD (National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability) has some interesting facts I want to share with you.
  • People who are physically inactive have an increased risk of colon and breast cancer. One study showed a 40% decrease in cancer mortality in persons who were physically active compared to those who were inactive.
  • People who are sedentary have the highest rate of heart attack. In the Nurses' Health Study, women who were physically active 3 hours or more per week (half an hour a day) cut their risk of heart attack in half
  • Physical activity helps prevent insulin resistance, the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes. A recent study reported that for every 2 hours that a person watched TV, the risk of type 2 diabetes increased 14%.

So, let's make moving daily a priority! I have put together 10 easy (and super FUN!) ways to move more during the day, below!!

10 Easy Ways to Move More During the Day
1. Walk it Out! This is my favorite trick for moving more! When you're catching up with a friend on the phone, head outside for a walk! If you're stuck inside, then get up and walk around your house. Stand! Just don't sit! This is such a great way to multi-task -- moving your body and catching up with that special person!

2. Turn Your Morning Routine Into a Dance Party!! When you're putting on your make up and fixing your hair, don't sit at your vanity or in front of the mirror. Turn on some music and shake it a little! I've even done squats while blow drying my hair (talent?!)! Getting ready is SO much more fun! Plus, you'll start your day feeling great about yourself and in a terrific mood! Watch out world!

3. Be a Kid Again! All of you mommies, get down on all fours, jump around, and run across the yard like a crazy person chasing that ball! Have FUN with your kiddos and be a kid again! I promise you will have so much fun, reduce your stress, and get in a little extra workout (and when you're playing, it never feels like working out!)!!

4. Make Your Bathroom Breaks Worth it! Do a few squats while you're in the stall (no, I'm not kidding!)! Or take a few extra minutes afterwards and walk around the entire office! Moms, I know this is your precious time. So lock the door, take a breather, then do 10 jumping jacks. This will energize you and give you that extra boost you so desperately need during the day!

5. Get Your QT On! Spending quality time with the ones you love most is so very important. Rather than meeting a friend at the local coffee shop, take it outdoors and meet for a walk at your local park. Or those 30 minutes you spend on the couch catching up with your hunny after work? Take it outdoors and go for a walk around the neighborhood!

6. Find the Best Parking Spot! ...that's the furthest from the store! You heard me! Finding the furthest spot takes a lot less time and gives you the opportunity to walk a little more!

7. Ditch Your Car! If you live within walking distance to frequently visited places - the bank, grocery store, etc. - then ditch your car and walk! Re-useable bags will allow you to carry more groceries in less bags and it's one heck of a workout carrying all of your groceries home! I do it every week!

8. Take Hour Hangover Breaks! You know those "hangovers" you get after staring at your computer and sitting for over an hour?! Set an alarm on your phone for every hour. Take 3 minutes to get up, stretch, do a little dance, or walk around. Just move!!

9. Do The Walking Dead Workout. Ok, I've never watched this show, but I hear about it all of the time, so I'm going to assume most you watch it every week (or some other TV show). Use this time to move your booty! Some great moves to do while watching TV are squats, push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, planks, and leg lifts. All you need for these moves is your own body weight, so no excuses! 

10. Make Moving a Requirement! Make daily exercise a requirement rather than an "if I have time."!!! It's important!!! Schedule it on your calendar for at least 3 days a week. Even if you only have 15 minutes, that's better than nothing. Make exercise and moving your body a normal part of your life. 

Now go get moving! ;)

xoxo Lauren

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