Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Apple and Granola Sandwich

We all love a good sandwich, but today, we're taking the sandwich to a whole new level!! We're swapping out the usual bread for fresh sliced apple and stuffing it with peanut butter and granola. Sweet and delicious! This snack (or breakfast) is perfect for all ages, young and old. Kids will love spreading their peanut butter onto their apple "bread" slices!! You could even add a little jelly to recreate the beloved PB&J. And this is a great quick and easy, on-the-go breakfast option for you busy ladies and moms. It also makes for one amazing, protein-packed snack! This is sure to keep you full and away from those sugar-loaded, empty calorie snacks that it's so easy to run to.

Apple and Granola Sandwich
(serves one)

1 apple
4 tbsp peanut butter (or any nut butter)

1. Core and slice one apple into 4 rounds.
2. Spread 2 tbsp peanut butter onto 2 rounds.
3. Top each round with 1 tbsp granola. 
4. Top with a remaining apple slice and enjoy! 

Be sure to share a photo of your apple sandwich and use #nbnrecipe so we can see!! 

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