Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Make Giving Back a Part of Your Daily Life

The ripple effect of giving back in small ways has a HUGE impact. Making the world a better place doesn't take some gigantic idea. It takes lots of small acts of kindness strung together day after day after day. It takes lots of individual choices to do better and love more. Change doesn't start in some large corporate office around a big sophisticated table. No, change starts with you. Right where you are. At home. At the store. At work. Picking up your kids. When you make giving back a part of your everyday life, it impacts the world around you. Amazingly, it also impacts you. In one of the greatest possible ways.

We're no strangers to giving back. Our One Bag. One Meal. program is at the very heart of everything we do. Fighting hunger. Giving back. Making the world a better place. This is the why behind Nothin' but Nola. So, today we're feeling inspired by our one for one model and want to share with you 8 awesome and easy ways to make giving back a part of your daily life, using the one for one model!

Teach your kids about giving back and sharing with others. Create a challenge amongst a group of friends to see who can do the most good in one week (now that's our kind of challenge)!! Set a goal to do at least one of these once a week. Make giving back a part of your daily life. 

1. Buy one extra canned good for every canned good you purchase and donate to your local food bank.

2. For every compliment you receive, give one to a stranger.

3. When you go to the grocery store, for every grocery cart you use (typically one!), put away one random grocery cart that was left in the parking lot.
4. For every note you receive in the mail, send one to a friend that needs some love! 

5. For every pound of produce you purchase at the store, purchase the equivalent and donate to your local food bank.

6. For every dinner out that you treat yourself to, donate the equivalent of one meal to your local food bank (average $0.16).

7. For every hug you receive, give one to someone else! :)

8. Make an effort to purchase products with one for one models!

Are you interested in learning about other great companies that incorporating giving into their products? We'll be sharing some of our favorite brands with One for One models soon!!

Do you have another creative idea for making giving back a part of your daily life? Share with us in the comments below! We would love to hear!

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