Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The 7 Ingredients Found in All Nothin' but Nola Granolas

Our granola is made using the freshest, highest quality ingredients that nourish your body and promote a healthy life ... because we only use ingredients to create a product that we're proud to eat ourselves and feed to our family. Good, healthy, nutritious food is at the core of living a full and healthy life. It is so very important to us. For us. For you. For the world. We want to share the taste-bud-dancing-deliciousness that healthy snacking can be!

We also want you to know exactly what you're eating when you're eating our granola by the handful (or the bagful!). :) It's OK. We know you do it! We do, too! (It's just that good!) So, you can flip over your bag of granola and read the list of ingredients at any time. You'll be able to pronounce every ingredient, and chances are they're ingredients that you have in your very own kitchen. No unnatural flavorings or additives or crazy chemicals that you're unsure of. Just basic, delicious, nutritious ingredients that are combined to make a granola that will make your taste buds dance.

Cupid Shuffle, anyone?

So, we're sharing with you the 7 ingredients that are found in all of our granola flavors and a little fun fact about why they make our granola so great! 

Organic Rolled Oats
It's granola. Duh. Plus these bad boys are packed with immune-boosting, cholesterol-reducing, cancer-fighting, body-loving soluble fiber. Enough said! Go stuff your face.

Organic Ground Flax
At the beginning of 2015, we removed wheat germ from our granola to provide a wheat-free granola. We replaced it with organic ground flax, and we couldn't be more proud of this tiny, nutritious seed! Flax may be one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet and is one heck of a body-loving, nutrition-promoting seed.

Honey is the bees knees. It's amazing - nature's best natural sweetener. Straight from the hives of local Colorado bees. Oh, thank you bees!

Pure Organic Maple Syrup
Nature doesn't let us down - another one of the best natural sweeteners. Straight from a maple tree. Pure. No additives. We like to keep it simple and delicious!

Organic Brown Sugar
For the slightest extra sweetness. Organic. And delicious. Because all of our granola is slightly sweet and totally delicious.

Organic Vanilla Extract
The slightest hint of vanilla straight from the vanilla bean. It's the Nothin' but Nola signature touch!

Another of nature's wonders. Where do we get our salt? Straight from the earth! The tiniest bit is used in every batch. 

If you ever have any questions about the ingredients in our granola, don't hesitate to give us a shout! We are always available at info@nothinbutnola.com and would be tickled pink to hear from you and answer your questions!!

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